Amy Kate Bailey, PhD



I am an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Illinois at Chicago, primarily teaching courses on research methodology and race. My research examines race and inequality, with two key areas of focus.

The first examines the military, especially the interplay between individual and collective outcomes.  This line of work examines a variety of questions, including the military’s effects on migration and population redistribution, the changing racialized dynamics between military employment and intergenerational mobility, and the links between community-level socioeconomic characteristics and military participation among young adults. As a faculty scholar at the Great Cities Institute at UIC’s College of Urban Planning & Public Policy (2015-2016), I began a project investigating how working class adolescents make decisions about the transition to adulthood, and the institutional and social resources they access during this process. Data collection is ongoing, including focus groups with adolescents and interviews with parents and youth serving professionals.

The second focuses on historical patterns of racial violence in the American South, more commonly known as lynching.  I am particularly interested in the characteristics of individuals who were targeted for victimization. My coauthored book on the characteristics of lynch victims is published by the University of North Carolina Press.  I was also recently awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to build a database using the census records for individuals who were threatened with lynching.

My prior work has been published in journals including the American Journal of Sociology, The American Sociological Review, Population Research and Policy Review, and Historical Methods.




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